POPPY - 30/11/2018

My Mims's Boutique package arrived fast, and very beautifully wrapped!

The product quality is amazing and the designs are great! 

I would highly recommend Mim's Boutique, a little bonus too when the owners are very friendly and show they care about their customers! Thank you! 

WILLOW - 14/11/2018

Well don't I look smart with my fabulous Gingerbread bow tie from Mims's Boutique!

PILOT - 14/11/2018

My poppy bandanas is my favourite bandana! Thank you! xx

MARLEY - 14/11/2018

My lovely bandanas from Mims's Boutique arrived today, love modelling the Mint Humbug one, the other I'm saving for December!

WILLOW - 14/11/2018

I'm loving my new bow tie, I cant wait to show it off to my doggie friends.

WOODY - 12/11/2018

Thank you Mims for donating 10% of all your Poppy range to the poppy appeal - wearing my poppies with pride!

BAXTER - 11/11/2018

Mims makes some beautiful and quality products, we love them, they are so friendly and helpful, it's lovely to be able to support a local company! xx

BLUE - 11/11/2018

Amazed at the quality, sizing, speedy delivery, lovely owners, and beauty of the products, can't wait to order Christmas ones!

MARLEY - 10/11/2018

We love them so much we have purchased our Christmas themed ones too! Very quick buying, good quality and made to a great standard!

MILO - 16/10/2018

Thank you!!! Love it! Gorgeous wrapping!

SIMBA - 12/10/2018

Wearing my cute new handmade bandana from Mims, anyone wanting dog accessories, I highly recommend checking them out! Thank you

MARLEY - 12/10/2018

One of my first badanas, my dogmum is in LOVE! Thank you Mims

DAISY - 12/10/2018

Thank you so much for making this especially for us, we love it, and I look so stylish in it!

MYA - 12/10/2018


Thank you Mims for my Halloween bandana, I LOVE it!

WILSON - 08/10/2018

I love my Howl'ween bandana soooooo much! Thank you! Would fully recommend you to anyone!

MARLEY - 08/10/2018

Mum has just bought me my first bandanas, she loves your products thank you!

NOODLE - 08/10/2018

Noodles Bow arrived today, it's GORGEOUS, can not wait for Christmas to start showing it off, thank you so much!

WILSON - 04/10/2018

I love my Dolphins Away bandana so much! I'll hopefully wear it when we go to the beach!

DUKE - 03/10/2018

I love my new bow tie from Mims,thank you!

MILO - 01/10/2108


Thank you for the quick delivery, they're lovely!


I love the reversible design!

MELLY - 02/10/2018


Totally in love with my watermelon bow tie!

BLUE - 27/09/2018

Our spoopy squad getting ready for Howl'oween in our sugar skulls bandanas from the amazing Mims!

RONNIE - 24/09/2018

I love my new bandana, thank Mims!

ROCKY - 24/09/2018

Thank you Mims for my new bow ties x

STANLEY and HUDDY 22/09/2018


We love our new bow ties and Christmas collars!

PICKLE - 18/09/2018

Ready for Howl'oween! Thank you, will buying again very soon!

RUSTY - 15/09/2018

I'm obsessed with my new bandana, pink brings out my eyes!

WILLOW - 14/09/2018

Thank you Mims for yet another beautiful bow tie, I love it!

STANLEY and HUDDY - 10/09/2018

We love our new monkey bandanas from Mims, they definitely suit us as we are both very very cheeky!

DAISY - 09/09/2018

Looking super stylish on my first walk out thank you Mims! 

IRIS - 02/09/2018

Beautiful Sugar Skull bandana Mims, I love it!

WILLOW - 01/09/2018

Received my bowtie today, thank you so much I love it! Will definitely be ordering again!

BARRY - 17/08/2018

Trick or Treat? Looking forward to Howl'oween, in love with my Mims's Boutique bandana!

RUSTY - 17/08/2018


I absolutely love all the products from Mims, they are always so different from anything else on the market. I always get a lot of attention, when I wear them... and best of all they are completely springer proof (which isn’t easy) they have survived seas, rivers, and most importantly the jaws of my best border collie friend! Thankyou :) 

MAIA and MERLIN - 16/08/2018​

Friendly and helpful, and my pups are always excited to get their packages, they demand to be dressed every morning!

Always a great fit, even though we are super small. Highly recommend this business!

DAVE, GARY and MABEL - 10/08/2018

Beautiful bandanas and reasonably priced. Very quick service too. We highly recommend - Dave, Gary and Mabel

DOTTY and ROMAN - 09/08/2018

Mims's Boutique is amazing and I love my new tie!

STANLEY AND HUDDY - 03/08/2018

Thank you so much for our lovely bandanas - we absolutely LOVE them!


MILA - 22/07/2018

Our handmade bandana is here and I love it! Thank you Mims! I feel very magical in it.

SCOOBY - 19/07/2018

Thank you so much Mims for my new bandana! I look fabulous!



ARCHIBALD - 13/07/2018

Thank you so much Mims for my amazing Pride bandana! Super fast delivery, and beautifully packaged! Can't wait to wear it to the pub tonight!

EMIL - 10/07/2018

Perfect weather today to play in the garden wearing my new bandana!

RILEY - 06/07/2018

Joining the Watermelon craze, love our new bow tie from Mims's Thank You!

PEANUT - 04/07/2018

Thanks so much! I love my new accessories!! xx

JASPER - 03/07/2018

Beautiful parcel arrived for me. Thank you Mims for my handmade watermelon bow, as you can tell, I absolutely love it!

Tayler - 03/07/2018

Thank you so much for our boy's bandanas, perfect sizing, very nice quality and they arrived quickly. Would definitely recommend :)

Nicola - 27/06/2018

We purchased Bella's bandana at Raystede summer fair - great quality, really colourful and she looks so cute!! Definitely be back for more online! x

Gill - 19/06/2018

Love ALFIE's bandana from Mims Boutique, super fast delivery and beautifully gift wrapped ready to give as a present! Can't wait to see the Christmas range! xx

Lisa - 19/06/2018

HERBERT is chuffed to bits with his Festival Fan bandana! x

Shellbell_Lou - 03/06/2018

We ALL love the bandanas! Thank you so much. Great quality and wonderful customer service xx

Bella - 01/05/2018

"Dear Mims, I can’t wait to be the coolest dog on the block like you. All the woofs, Bella xx"

Krystal - 30/04/2018

Our baby just loves her BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP bandana - so pretty thank you!

Bonnie Cher - 21/04/2018