Black cotton bandana, with neon pink #FREEBRITNEY plastered across the front.


We’re so happy but saddened at the same time that the #FREEBRITNEY movement has started to get more national coverage following the awful words of Britney spoken in court earlier this week.

Shocked is not the word; at hearing some of the snippets from her appearance in court and can not believe that in 2021 this type of controlling and coercive behaviour is allowed to continue against someone’s will - hopefully now for her this is finally the start of getting her life back and taking control of her own future!


We love you Britney!



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  • Lovingly handmade in the UK.


    5 Sizes.


    Hand wash ONLY - On receipt of your bandana should there be any folds as a result of posting, a very light iron on a low/warm setting will help straighten things out (please DO NOT iron label).


    100% Cotton.


    Due to the nature of this being handmade, the product may vary slightly from image(s) shown.