Happy Birthday from Mims's Boutique!


Slip on OR Snap On - let us know which you'd prefer


LET'S PARTY! - Fabric for birthday bandana as shown, and text is black as standard, let us know what you'd like, either 'It's my birthday! Cake' or 'X's Xth Birthday! .


Seen a text/picture design you like? Send us an email at mimsboutiqueuk@gmail.com and we'll do our best to match it and make it, making your birthday bandana truly personal and one of a kind!

Custom Birthday Bandana


Lovingly handmade in the UK.


5 Sizes.


Hand wash ONLY - On receipt of your bandana should there be any folds as a result of posting, a very light iron on a low/warm setting will help straighten things out (please DO NOT iron label).


100% cotton front / polycotton reverse.


Due to the nature of this being handmade, the product may vary slightly from image(s) shown.